You can easily make simple videos dubbed as the word ‘how to drink water,’ in fact you can have the aforementioned word searched and see the number of views it has on Youtube but I must add this, YouTube monetization is not for the faint-hearted but there are other ways you could earn before joining the YouTube Partner Program.

For those that are wondering how do you make money on YouTube?

First things first, create a YouTube channel with your Gmail account, all for free.

Choose a niche and create content that solves problems in your chosen niche.

As people get to watch your video content, it is only relative for them to subscribe. Not so easy, you have to call them to action in every video you make by saying:

At the end of every video you make.

By default, immediately you hit 1000 subscribers and 4000 public watch hours within a year, you would be admitted into YouTube Partner Program for now, because these policies change with time.

I know in your mind you would be like, where would YouTube get money from to pay someone like you?


You see those Ads that do pop up whenever you are watching a video on YouTube, those Ads are sponsored Ads and the more those Ads are being displayed on your channel, the more money you make depending on viewers’ engagement with the advertisement, the location of the viewer and the period of time the adverts get displayed on your channel as long as you are in YouTube Partner Program.

Some of you would want to ask how much you can make on YouTube:

Well, the money you get to make on YouTube varies monthly and can never be the same with every Youtuber.

What Wizkid makes from a video of the same length and number of views as Davido or Burna Boy can never be the same because of the variation in location and content.

There are other ways you could monetize your content and this is not so easy as well, we all know nothing comes easy.

Hopefully, you could get sponsors that would come directly to you for sponsorship.

They would approach you to create content for their brand either by mentioning the brand’s name in a creative content of yours or reviewing one of their products/services.

I know, you still want to ask how you go about this.

Well, let’s say your channel niche is to review consumers’ tech gadgets; phones, and other related tech products.

Oriamo as an accessory brand for gadgets could reach out to you to sponsor your video in its entirety or for you to review their product on your channel.

Then Oriamo gets you paid for your services.

Another viable way you could earn is to create courses for your audiences.

Create courses on how to create a youtube channel.

Create courses on how to edit videos.

Write a book that solves one of their numerous problems.

Talk about the course/book on your channel or one of your creative videos.

Influencing your audience is as simple as that

Skills Required to start a YouTube Channel:

- Ability to create and gather videos.

- Proper use of the camera (This is optional depending on your niche)

- Canva designs for your channel art and templates.

- Video editing skill at a moderate level is required.

Other ways to be a successful YouTuber:

- Have a niche for your channel, don’t just make any video.

- Beware of copyrighted videos, in other words, refrain from uploading other YouTuber’s videos on your channel, a copyright issue on your channel can have it removed by YouTube.

- See closely what people are commenting on your videos to improve your channel ranks and video views.

- Keep your audience engaged by uploading videos from time to time.

- See closely what your competitors are doing in their channels and videos and keep improving your channel accordingly.

- Never underestimate yourself. Think broadly and earn broadly.

How to start a youtube channel and make money.

- Create your google account.

- Create educational and entertaining video contents that intrigue viewers.

- Fulfill Youtube requirements of hour time and subscribers which is 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers as of now.

- Enable the option to monetize and sign up for a google Adsense account.

How to withdraw the money you make:

People are so passionate about money and pay attention to every detail that comes with making money, everyone interested in this article would have loved to know if the money they make from YouTube can be withdrawn easily.

Well, there are some options available on your google Adsense account to withdraw funds like bank transfer, western union, etc.

Chose the option which is best fit for you.

After $10 in your account balance google will send you a code to your home address.

Verify that the code

Select the amount of balance that google should pay you and then on a specific payout time and balance google will send you money according to the criteria you have selected.




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